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Point Commissions! [Closed]

Sat Apr 5, 2014, 10:35 AM

Hello, everyone! I hope that, wherever you are, spring is starting to thaw out the cold weather and bring a little bit of life back into your part of the world (or if you're down under, I hope fall is treating you well!)!

An old and dear group that I was once a part of, :iconsento-no-seirei:, is reviving! Once again, I'm fortunate enough to be a part of the (wonderfully talented) group putting it all together, but we need your help! In order to help make the group a Super Group, I'll be taking point commissions for the next few weeks (or however long it takes to get the amount of points we need!)

Now, I suppose we'll get to the real reason why you're here—what I'm doing, and my prices.

  • Chibi
  • Headshot
    • Sketch - 400 Points
    • Lineart - 500 Points
    • Flat Color - 600 Points
    • Shaded - 700 Points
  • Bust
    • Sketch - 700 Points
    • Lineart - 800 Points
    • Flat Color - 1000 Points
    • Shaded - 1200 Points
  • Fullbody
    • Sketch - 1200 Points
    • Lineart - 1400 Points
    • Flat Color - 1600
    • Shaded - 2000 to 2400 Points [Depending on complexity of design]
  • Additional character, add:
    • Chibi + 200 Points
    • Headshot + 300 Points
    • Bust + 500 Points
    • Fullbody + 900 Points
  • I will also offer original character designs at any level (chibi, headshot, bust, fullbody). They will go by the prices listed above, and add:
    • Chibi + 50 Points
    • Headshot + 100 Points
    • Bust + 200 Points
    • Fullbody + 400 Points
If you are interested in commissioning me, first off, I'd like to say thank you! Next, what I'll need you to do is note me or comment on this journal with the following information:

  • The kind of commission you're asking for [Ex: Chibi Shaded, or Fullbody Lineart]
  • A reference of the character you're asking for. A drawn reference is by and far preferred, but if you're asking for a character design, or if you have no reference, then a written reference is fine.
  • Any kind of pose, and/or other notes that you'd like me to take into account for your picture.
  • If you'd like a simple background or if you want it to be a plain .png (Simple background is free.)
And for the last order of business, let's take a look at what I can and cannot do for you!

  • Will
    • Men, Women, Couples (Yuri/Yaoi/Het), Original Characters, Gijinka Characters, some nudity (chests/breasts and bare backs/butts are fine), Fan-Characters/Fan OCs [I reserve the right to add or remove anything from this list at any time.]
  • Won't
    • Mechas and other highly mechanical pictures, Canon Character Fanart, Full frontal nudity (any gender)[I reserve the right to add or remove anything from this list at any time.]

Current Commissions

Goodness! Thank you all for your interest! It's terribly flattering, truly. Right now I've got about as many requests as I can handle, so I'm closing the commissions for now. If you're one of the lovely people who commissioned me, below you'll find the order in which I'll be working on them, as well as their levels of completion. [If I missed you and I already accepted your commission, just let me know!]

And now that that's all done, I'd also like to point you in the direction of two of my incredibly lovely (and fantastically gifted) fellow mods, who are also working to raise money for the super group. You can find their journals here:

Headshot Point Commissions~!Hey sweethearts, so my hubby's group :iconsento-no-seirei: is in dire need of a premium, so I'mma be a good waifu and try to help Jay out here QuQ
I'm doing fully colored headshot POINT commissions.
These headshots will be similar to this one : in quality. I may throw in a very simple background if its fitting.
I might  be convinced to do a headshot of this quality, but you're gonna have to bribe me for this. xDD
I'll be opening full body commissions in the summer, and those will be RL commissions, but for now, I need to help out Jay weep.
The price for the offered headshots are 500 points right now. Fixed rate QuQ.
Please offer me a Drawn refs of characters. If you wish for me to design a character, the price goes up to 700 points. Sorryyy
I Prefer Men. But for headshots, I can totally do females too. I'm fine with Anthro characters as well Q
10 dollar Commissions, oh my...:iconpoker-faceplz: No. Really, I am very serious, but there is a /small/ catch, I admit... 
I am only offering this style: 
A single character digital drawing with flat color and if you want; a simple background. This is 10 dollars. Now.. Im not shitting you, bro. 
Single OC with (optional) background: $10
Will do: Ocs, Gijinkas, Gaia Avatars, Females (always), Nudity and explicit sexual themes (but, dont go crazy. 8T and dont expect me to put it on my Deviantart if its way too XXX.)
Won't do: Full-on Furry, Guys (Will draw in a couple image though), Mecha, Clusterfucks, Fanart for copyrighted characters.
:iconshaplz: If youre interested, please send a note with details. Thank you for reading

Thank you again, everyone, for your interest. Even if you don't get a commission, the fact that you're seeing this journal means that you're either watching me or checking out my page. As always, I am incredibly humbled by and grateful for every single one of you.

  • Listening to: Send Me On My Way
  • Reading: To Be Or Not To Be: That is the Adventure
  • Drinking: White Peach Tea



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Hi! I was going through your gallery and
I loved what I saw!
Do you by chance do point commissions?
If not, that is perfectly fine :)
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