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September 22, 2013
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Ludus-Chaos: Ahmik by llawll Ludus-Chaos: Ahmik by llawll
Info to come (soon, I hope!)





Full-Human Height: 6'3" | Half-Snake Height: ~25'

|Paralyzing Stare| - The deadly stare of the Basilisk has risen the creature to infamy. However, an injury sustained to Ahmik's eyes leave his stare potent but not fatal. Weaker-willed victims may find themselves paralyzed for hours, while those with stronger wills may fall for only a few minutes, or not at all.
|Form Shifting| - As with many other beast-like creatures, Basilisks can shift between a half-snake-like form and a humanoid form at will.
|Poison| - The Basilisk's poison is perhaps as well known (and feared) as its deadly stare. Its potent toxin is secreted in the mouth, though some crafty Basilisks have been known to bottle their own poison, or coat their weapons with it. However, the poison can only be formed when the Basilisk is free to pursue its natural diet—deprived of that diet, the Basilisk will stop synthesizing its poison until that diet is resumed. Unfortunately for Ahmik, his slavers are well aware of that, and keep such food away from him—thus, he is unable to produce the natural poison of his species.

The Devil's Descendants


The ornamentation on his tail is purely that—an ornament meant to look intimidating without offering any real damaging potential, made as it is with soft gold.

☩Character History:
Basilisks are natural loners. Not widely known for their good natures or overwhelming compassion, they tend to keep large territories to themselves, fiercely defending it again even others of their own kind. However, through their dangerous reputation and perceived half-breed status (their half-human, half-snake appearance lends itself to association with half-breeds, though they are their own pure-blooded creature), they have drawn the rare, frightening attention of hunters. Basilisk hunters insist that there is no beast in all the world more deadly to fight, and none more worthy of bragging over when bested Some brazenly kill their prey, while others capture them for their own ends, but whatever the hunter's intentions, the end result is clear—a small but fanatic community of sport hunters, all trained (to varying degrees) in fighting Basilisks.

Ahmik was young for a Basilisk (perhaps no older than a human's 28 years), and yet he commanded a large territory in a fairly remote mountain range outside the Devil's kingdom of God's Reach. The contents and events of his life were sparing, and not in the least uncommon for a young Basilisk. When one is very likely the most dangerous thing in the area, one does not tend to worry overmuch about threats—perhaps Ahmik was particularly disinclined towards caution, and perhaps that was his fatal error. When a hunt came after him, there were two hunters, and though any Basilisk is ready at any moment to defend its territory, his opponents were experienced. One did fall to his stare, but the other used that brief distraction as her opportunity. She struck out with a dagger, mirrored so she could strike true without looking into his eyes herself. The blow wasn't as deep as she'd intended, but it had done its job—the cut across his eyes rendered him unable to paralyze the second hunter. They fought for some time after that, but the hunter won out in the end, all the more proud for the scars she'd wear as trophies of a difficult catch (the death of her partner had little effect on her celebratory mood).

The hunter decided to keep her prey alive, knowing a potential profit when she saw one. Since most hunters killed their Basilisk prey, there was no glut of Basilisk slaves on the God's Reach market;kept properly, she saw great potential in selling the beasts as guards or fighters—even exotic pets seemed a profitable option. So he was sold off, with strict instructions to his new masters to avoid any diet that would encourage the production of venom, and to keep his eyes securely blindfolded at all times—even with the wound, now scarred, over his eyes, his stare could lay any careless master low (her reason, when asked, for not divesting him of his sight completely was that a paralytic stare would serve wonderfully for a guard slave, who might be forced to turn his eyes on an intruder).

Initially serving as a (mostly ornamental) private guard for a wealthy merchant devil who liked to use him to intimidate his guests and "friends," Ahmik was eventually re-sold to a brothel, once again as a (mostly ornamental) guard. His formidable, exotic dangerous appearance serves both to keep rowdy customers in line, while simultaneously giving them something to look at while they're there.

☩Personality: By Basilisk standards, Ahmik is actually rather reasonable—by any other standards, he is cold, stoic, and unforgiving. Though he will not speak unless outright commanded to do so, that does not mean he has nothing to say—however, saying what does occur to him would likely get him killed or worse, and he would not deign to speak to such vermin as his captors anyway. He has the typical fierce pride of a Basilisk as well, fiercely wounded by his capture, but he will not let it die—as a slave, it is all he has left. Unfortunately, as Basilisks are such solitary creatures, it is difficult to say what his personality might have been in a natural setting. Given his current state, he can be nothing but contemptuous of most of the people around him.

- The Heat: As a snake-like creature, heat is not only pleasurable, but necessary for optimal health. Despite his chilly personality, there are few things he genuinely enjoys more than a nap in the sun.
- Gemstones: While not known to be hoarders like their distant draconian cousins, there is something in the Basilisk that is nevertheless inexorably drawn to gemstones and precious metals. Perhaps the only way to garner something other than loathing from Ahmik would be to offer him a precious gem.

- The Cold: Perhaps obviously, for a snake who loves the heath, the cold would be uncomfortable at best, and potentially deadly at worst. A Basilisk, like any snake, could very well die if kept too cold for too long—one of the easiest ways to sap a Basilisk of its strength is to keep it in a chilled place.
- Being Captive: It goes without saying that, if Ahmik were given the slightest opportunity to free himself (and, perhaps, to retaliate against his captors while doing so), he would take it without a moment's hesitation.
- Weasels: As specific a fear as it is, it is no less a warranted one. For some bizarre mystery of evolution, the only creature fully immune to the Basilisk's stare is the Weasel, and other mustelids like it. Because of that, many hunters use them as distractions for fighting Basilisks, and Ahmik has a rightful hatred for them.

- His eyes, hidden beneath his mask, are gold.
- Basilisks can't actually turn their deadly gaze "off"—if one wanted to actually look at someone they cared about, they would have to close or cover their eyes. It would, however, be possible to cover their eyes with a cloth that they can see through, as long as it sufficiently cover their eyes, which would allow a basilisk to both look at and protect a friend or lover.
- Basilisk venom does not work on other basilisks (or else, predictably, mating would be hell). They use their eyes and tails and claws to defend against other basilisks.
- Basilisk venom is produced by eating a diet heavy in meat—if deprived of meat, the basilisk's ability to produce poison is limited, or disrupted altogether.
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