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February 23
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Sentinel - Eien by llawll Sentinel - Eien by llawll



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Field Location:
Hidden Lake



Dazzling Gleam
Shadow Claw

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Selfish People | Waking Up | Wasted Food | Liars

Eien is a curious, energetic creature, and enjoys little more than to find new people to watch. People are, after all, such wonderful, flawed, beautiful things, and Eien cannot help but love them all. All, that is, except those who would lie to or corrupt or hurt the world and those around them; Eien does not hesitate in using whatever means might be necessary to remind these wayward souls of their place on this earth. However, these souls are to be pitied, if strictly, rather than hated. For all others, however, those whose hearts are pure, Eien's mischievous streak is limitless, and the mew eagerly cherishes the opportunity to play games with those who might seek out their hidden home. This mischievousness and love of games, however earnest, exists within the mew's almost perpetual calm, a composure that hints at a maturity and understanding born of endless experience.

Eien talks little, preferring to appeal to empathy and emotion and action as a means of communication. The mew is, of course, quite capable of talking — it just seems so much more pure to allow for more intuitive exchanges.

Eien has always been Eien. That is how Eien remembers it. One day, a long time ago, they woke up. It seemed to them that they had been awake before, and they couldn't quite remember how or when they'd fallen asleep, but in the end, it didn't seem to matter. It was much more important to enjoy their newly restarted life than to dwell on something so far in the past. And besides, they had a promise to keep.

It was some hundred or so years after waking that they heard in their heart a cry for help. It wasn't in words, not really. It came to Eien as a feeling of resignation and a numb kind of sadness. Unable to ignore such a piteous plea, Eien did what was natural—they went to go find its source.

Yokunen has been with Eien ever since.

Eien stayed with the jirachi while they slept, watching over their fitfully but well-deserved rest. For a thousand years they waited, content to sooth Yokunen's troubled dreams and keep their sleeping place a secret from the world. When Yokunen woke at last, without any memory of what had happened prior to their sleep, Eien kept the secret. Some things are too painful to remember. Instead, they happily introduced themselves to the jirachi for the second time.

Since then, they've mostly stayed around one another. Sometimes curiosity will separate them for a time, but they are always linked, and always ready to join up once again. With Yveltal's attack, it was Eien who convinced Yokunen that they should meet Zygarde's call for aid. Now that those unruly children are asleep once more, restored to their true selves, Eien can feel the balance of the world shifting back into place.

Eien has since made a home for themselves near the Hidden Lake. This is a nice place, filled with nice people, and Eien has decided that they would like to stay here a while. It seems as good a place as any to keep a promise, doesn't it?

Additional info:
- Eien's companion is a tiny clefairy, affectionately called Usa-tsuki (or Usa-chan for short). Usa-tsuki is, in actuality, a creature made up entirely from psychic energy and is not a real clefairy at all. It does, however, seem to have a basic will of its own and a playful personality, being drawn to people of strong power and pure hearts. When Eien is weak, Usa-tsuki will fade away and disappear. Usa-tsuki can transform itself into various weapons made up of energy, which Eien uses for the attack Psychic.
- Eien is completely genderless. However, they don't mind in the least being mistaken for, or referred to as, any gender, and can use their Transformation ability to take on any gender as well.
- If you're lucky enough to find Eien's hidden home in the sprawling forest, prepare yourself for a game before anything else. Eien loves to ask new people to play a game of Shiritori with them.
- Eien considers this portion of their life a new start. They do remember their past "lives," however, and see them often in dreams. It is very important to them that they continue carrying out the promise they made in all of their past "lives."

Tserin - Pokimono Application by llawll
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